If you’re looking into underfloor heating solutions like wet underfloor heating then you might want to consider having a heat pump installed somewhere at home, as this is actually one of the most efficient ways of powering this kind of system.

Gas and oil boilers heat water to at least 65 degrees C, which would be damaging to your floor covering and also be very hot to stand on! You’ll also spend a lot more money than you would otherwise because you have to use a mixture of both hot and cold water to bring the temperature back down so it’s more comfortable for you, which is highly inefficient!

With heat pumps, however, hot water is produced at the perfect temperature for underfloor heating so you’ll use less energy and spend less money. But – it’s important to note that if you want to go down this route, you should include the heat pump at the planning stage so that you can lay your pipes down under the floor at the right distance apart for the best efficiency possible.

You can invest in either a ground source or air source heat pump. Ground source pumps work by taking warmth from the earth and using it to heat your house and your hot water. Air source pumps, meanwhile, extract heat from the air outside, push its temperature up and then use it to heat the inside of the house. Air-to-air pumps produce warm and cool air, circulating it through fans. Air-to-water pumps work to supply your house’s wet central heating system.

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