Laminate Floor Heating – Is It Right For You?

It’s often the little touches that really help to make a house a home, ones that you perhaps wouldn’t notice until they were gone… at which point you’ll find you really miss them! A bit of luxury can be added to your property with laminate floor heating, but do some research to find out just what to expect from such an installation. Here are a few points to bear in mind.


One of the biggest plusses about underfloor heating has to be an increased level of comfort, especially in places like the kitchen and bathroom where floors are often cold. You can go barefoot
all year round if you like and it’ll also help keep the temperature in your living spaces even and consistent.

Heating bills

Because your heating unit can warm a bigger area up than a small radiator alone and also works at a lower temperature, you could find your heating bills reduced. You’ll also waste less energy, since the floors stay warm even if the windows are open.

Selling point

Another key benefit of this kind of heating solution is that it makes your property instantly more desirable for potential buyers. If you do ever decide to sell up and move on, make sure you emphasise that you have this installation in place.


And, of course, if you have this kind of heating in place you won’t have to worry about how it affects the rest of your interior design choices since everything is hidden away neatly beneath the floor. What could be better?

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