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The Ezewarm brand was first brought to life at a meeting with a prospective customer at their offices in Toronto Canada. We were looking for a brand that could be used to market our existing products and from that meeting Ezewarm’s founder, Brian Hopkins, brought the vision to life.

The brand was conceived to bring a bright vision for energy efficient heating products to life.

The brand itself is designed to be clean and unambiguous and is designed to highlight our high quality range of heating products which are designed and manufactured in Ireland and so 5000 miles away from the initial “light bulb” moment, Ezewarm Ireland Ltd, was born as a manufacturing enterprise based in the breath-taking county of Mayo along the Wild Atlantic Way (www.wildatlanticway.com).

From that meeting in Canada back in 2008, a vibrant business has been built and Ezewarm is now on a fast track to become one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing companies in the Electric heating industry. All of our products undergo rigorous quality checks during production and are certified to their relevant industry standards such as the Underwriters Laboratories for North America and TUV for European countries. We export our product to the UK, Europe, Canada and the United States at present.

This position has been underpinned by becoming one of Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Client companies in 2016. Our team are dedicated, inventive and intuitive and enjoy working in a business that is ambitious and fun. It is this team spirit that shines through to our customers and what brings people back to do business with us again and again.

The fact that our brand has all the colours of the Irish flag is purely a coincidence but one we are happy to highlight!

Why Choose Ezewarm:

We are passionate about our business and products, and the desire to deliver unsurpassed customer service, innovative products and home heating solutions that make us strive to form long term strategic partnerships with our suppliers and distributors and most of all our customers.

We want to:
1. Provide unparalleled levels of customer and technical support, ensuring the customer is at the heart of what we are and what we do
2. Form long-term strategic partnerships with both our suppliers and distributors
3. Grow our market share in the radiant heating market
4. Expanding our business into new markets, and growing our market share in our
existing markets
5. Creating and providing local employment. Ezewarm Ireland Ltd. is passionate about
and committed to job creation in Mayo, Ireland while also growing employment in
the countries where we have our bases.