Ezewarm Ezefoil Underfloor Heating


This mat has specifically been designed for use under laminate and manufactured hardwood flooring. This system has a foil heat exchanger for even distribution of heat under the floor surface. The 2.3mm thick heating cable beds into the foam underlay. The flooring is laid directly over the mat and the foil heat-exchanger distributes the 150w/m2 heat evenly across the floor area.

The Ezewarm Ezefoil Underfloor Heating is the original product introduced to provide warmth under carpet and wood floors. The product was first introduced over 30 years ago. The product can be used with laminate, carpet, engineered wood and other floating floors. It can be installed quite simply under the flooring.

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160w 1sqm, 160w 1.5sqm, 160w 2sqm, 160w 2.5sqm, 160w 3sqm, 160w 4sqm, 160w 5sqm, 160w 6sqm, 160w 7sqm, 160w 8sqm, 160w 9sqm, 160w 10sqm


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